Welcome to Vienna’s most modern international bus station, the Vienna Bus Terminal Stadion Center, offers the possibility to reach more than 150 destinations in Europe directly, conveniently, economically and environment-friendly supported by various national and international bus lines.

Over 150 destinations | Where do you want to go?

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Pretty diverse! – The country on the Balkan Peninsula has miles of sandy beaches and a remarkable mountain landscape for hiking and skiing. In addition, cities such as Sofia and Varna tell the interesting story of the country …


Summer, sun, beach and sea – but Croatia can do much more! Steeped in history are the big and also the small cities. Numerous are the impressive church buildings of the Old Town of Zagreb such as the cathedral and the elegant houses at Jelacic Square…


An insider tip for traveling within Europe – In addition to the exciting big cities, the vast, untouched landscapes are a dream for peace seekers …

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Diverse in all seasons – culture of different religions and sports is offered in the extremely varied landscape throughout the year. From the Adriatic Sea over the wonderful rivers to the high mountains…

Baltic states

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – hard to beat culture and history. The bustling capitals of Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn with their exciting cultural scene, ancient castles, manors and estates, baroque churches or provincial medieval towns…


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